Basting Services

~Less than a penny per square inch-$0.007 per square inch

Thread and Needles: ~Thread and Needle Charge-$10 per quilt

~$25 flat rate for the first quilt in the box plus $10 for each additional quilt in the same box.

~$100 insurance coverage and tracking number included with all shipments.  Additional insurance coverage available through USPS upon customer request.

Quilts are booked by reservation only.  Please note that I will need a 50% deposit before I can reserve your quilt’s time on the frame.

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Square Inches Calculation:
Quilt top length (inches) multiplied by quilt top width (inches)
Example: Quilt top length is 87 inches and width is 78 inches.  
87" x 78" = 6,786 square inches.

Example Basting Project Pricing:
Queen size quilt measuring 92" x 84"

92" x 84" = 7,728 square inches

7,728 square inches x $0.007 = $54.10 

Thread and needle charge =$10

Total = $64.10 + tax (and shipping if required)