Special Order Quilts

Longarm Machine Quilting: ~All Over Designs-$0.02 per square inch
~Semi-Custom Level Quilting-$0.035 per square inch
~Custom Level Quilting-$0.05 per square inch

Thread and Needles: ~Thread and Needle Charge-$10 per quilt

Batting: ~Baby-$8 per yard ~Queen-$11 per yard ~King-$14 per yard

Piecing: ~Quilt top-$20 per hour + price of materials ~Backing-$10 per seam (+ price of materials if not provided)

Squaring Up: ~$20 flat rate

Pressing: ~$10 per half hour

Binding: ~LLQ provides fabric-$0.38 per linear inch machine stitching to quilt top ~Customer provides fabric-$0.12 per linear inch machine stitching to quilt top

~Hand or machine stitching to back of quilt-$10 per half hour

Shipping: ~$25 flat rate for the first quilt in the box plus $10 for each additional quilt in the same box.  

~$100 insurance coverage and tracking number included with all shipments.  Additional insurance coverage available through USPS upon customer request.

Quilts are booked by reservation only.  Please note that I will need a 50% deposit before I can reserve your quilt’s time on the frame.

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Example Special Order Pricing:
Baby quilt measuring 52 1/2" x 42" with allover edge to edge quilting design

Estimated cost of materials for quilt top and backing = $92

Estimated time to piece quilt top = 2 1/2 hours @ $20 per hour = $50

Batting = 2 yards @ $8.00 per yard = $16

Longarm Machine Quilting:
    52 1/2" x 42" = 2,205 square inches
    2,205 square inches x $0.02 = $44.10 

Thread and needle charge =$10

Attach Binding to front of quilt:

(52 1/2" x 2) + (42" x 2) = 189 linear inches

189 x $0.12 = $22.68

Estimated time to machine stitch binding to back of quilt = 1 hour @ $10 per half hour = $20

Estimated Total = $254.78 + tax (and shipping if required)*

*The amounts above are estimates and the final total price is dependent on the price of materials purchased and the actual amount of time it takes to piece and bind the quilt.

Square Inches Calculation:
Quilt top length (inches) multiplied by quilt top width (inches)
Example: Quilt top length is 87 inches and width is 78 inches.  
87" x 78" = 6,786 square inches.

Linear Inches Calculation:
Quilt top length (inches) multiplied by 2 plus quilt top width (inches) multiplied by 2
Example: Quilt top length is 87 inches and width is 78 inches.  
(87" x 2) + (78" x 2) = 330 linear inches.

"Autumn Splendor" quilt was pieced by 
Erin Lauer of LLQ and Longarm quilted by 
Betty and Ray Hinton of Petal, MS.  

"Christ in Christmas" quilt is a variation on the "Simplish" pattern by the Wilmington Prints company.  Pieced and longarm quilted by Erin Lauer of LLQ.